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How to install hho generator for car
Automobiles fuel economy is always the hot topic whichpeople concern. Fuel economy can be expressed with the units of distance per fixed fuel unit we also called fuel mileage rate.How does the car's fuel mileage rate go up?Most people think that the hho generator kits for car work well.we do a testing about hho generator kit for car on March 29th in Japan.What you mainly concern are that how to install hho generator for car and how to improve the fuel mileage.Now we tell you the best way to DIY hho cell kit setup.
In the hho systems for car,there are five parts neccessary for installation.
1)Control system
2)Display module
3)Water tank and Cell part
4)Filter tank
5)Car battery
How does these parts connect to car battery and others? the following can be show clearly in the diagram.

If the hho kit for car really works or not? we can get the test data both the car with hho and not.
Car No.京都200あ.432 Fuel comsuption Mileage Fuel mileage rate
Without HHO 11.73Liters 141.3Km 12.04Km/Liter
With HHO 10.83Liters 154.2Km 14.23Km/Liter

From the above table,the hho generator for car really works and achieve fuel economy.