Ozone Generator Technology Applied For Fish Aquaculture - Ozone Disinfection Machine
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Ozone Generator Technology Applied For Fish Aquaculture
The prospect of ozone generator technology in aquaculture is with the development of aquaculture breeding industry. Due to the lack of purification degree of the breeding industry, pathogenic microorganisms cause diseases from time to time, which greatly damages the breeding industry. In addition to strengthening management of each feeding facility, disinfection of feeding water and various types of equipment used in feeding water, eliminating pathogenic microorganisms has become an important issue.

Ozone disinfection machine can be used to disinfect biological eggs, feeding water disinfection, facility disinfection, which can prevent the invasion of pathogens. Ozone has a strong sterilization and water purification effect, and is non-toxic and harmless. It is the most ideal sterilization and disinfection agent in aquaculture and seedling production. It can prevent and control biological diseases such as fish, shrimp, sea urchin, river crab, and king eight. Decomposing organic matter, removing COD, BOD substances, and because of its coagulation effect, has an important meaning for improving the ecological environment of aquaculture, and for the disinfection and purification of feeding water. The use of ozone for nursery in aquaculture, the price of ozone equipment is not high, the one-time investment is not large, and can save various disinfectants, antibiotics, can also reduce the amount of water exchange, save fuel coal, use ozone to nurse seedlings, the survival rate is at least more than doubled. And a set of equipment can be used for several years, which can not only save breeding costs, but also cultivate green and environmentally friendly food, which is more economical in all aspects. The use of ozone to disinfect the feed water and nursery water is a very advantageous water treatment method. It can effectively deal with the problem of water pollution in aquatic breeding, and the use of ozone to treat water without any residue and toxic side effects, ozone is the cleanest disinfectant in the world. The widespread use of ozone technology in the aquaculture industry is a powerful promotion of healthy, high-yield and efficient fisheries.