How To Do Quartz Scientific Glass Blowing? -Oxyhydrogen flame glassblowing turning lathe machine
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How To Do Quartz Scientific Glass Blowing?
Quartz scientific glass blowing produces glass apparatus for research, industrial and government laboratories.
How to do quartz scientific glass blowing or sealing?
Oxyhydrogen flame glassblowing turning lathe machine is a kind of glass production tool, which is used for glass manufacturing and blowing. The full set of equipment include oxyhydrogen generator,electronic flashback arrestor, oxyhydrogen flame torch and glassblowing lathe.

oxyhydrogen flame glassblowing lathe

How to do lab glass blowing?
During glass blowing and production,we need to put it in the glassblowing lathe,which can hold and rotate the glass by high temperature flame torch.The working temperature of glass is around 1,100 degrees. Oxyhydrogen flame temperature can be up to 2800 degrees specially for quartz glass melting. So we can easily heat up to around 1,100 degrees before we can start moving the glassware around. When heating and melting glass,it makes it malleable. So we can move it and then soon as it goes under a certain temperature it stops moving before it is cooling down.

Both ends of the standard glass lathe are designed with rotating chuck to protect the rotating glass tube from loss or change. Usually softened glass is located in the center of the lathe by a high temperature blowtorch. In the production of glass requires high temperature rotation, so that the glass becomes very soft. Controlling the glass lathe is very flexible. We can adjust off center rotation, forming different shapes of glass. The advantage of using glass lathe is that it can complete the complex production process of glass in a short time, and the heating is even.