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Using oxyhydrogen generator no gas cylinder explosion
It is amazing that we can see gas cylinder explosion happened everywhere therefore much damages of economy,persons etc.But we often use it for gas welding,metal cutting,heating,quartz glass melting and sealing and so on.

Does any safety gas device replace the gas cylinders?Yes,it is hho generators.For working safety and health,we have green energy hho solution for you with no gas bottles.
1.The new techlogy makes water become flame.
2.When working,only needs some pure water and electric.And 1cbm hydroxy gas only consumes 3kwh electric and 0.58L water.
3.Oxyhydrogen flame's temperature is as high as 2800degree.
4.No harmful gases during working.After combustion of oxygen and hydrogen mixture gases,it is only water vapor.As hydrogen gas is not contain carbon molecules.Let's see the difference of acetylene,propane and hho gases.
Acetylene gas:C2H2 2C2H2+5O2=4CO2 +2H2O
Propane gas:C3H8 C3H8+5O2=3CO2 +4H2O
HHO gas:2H2+O2 2H2 + O2=2H2O
5.No gas storage.
6.Working effeciency is improved up to 70%.
Okay Energy hho oxyhydrogen generator produce hho gas(hydroxy gas,browns gas) as needed.The generator is not gas storage.Hydrogen gas is no carbon,very lighter than air therefore its safety.After using oxyhydrogen generator to replace of gas bottles,there is no gas cylinder explosion.