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Why Do We Use Steam Car Wash Machine?
The car surface stains are composed of multi-layer structure. The bottom layer is the long-term accumulation of oil film containing static electricity. The oil film absorbs the small dust with static electricity in the air. The body surface is covered with large particles such as sand. The traditional high-pressure cleaning car washes out the largest particle stains through high-pressure water. The oil film in the middle layer and the innermost layer is removed by physical wiping with car washing liquid and car washing sponge Finally, the loose oil film is washed by high-pressure water again and wiped dry.

At present,foam washing and sponge cleaning in the market can effectively remove stains including static oil film.But it is undeniable that this process is the most laborious 、 time-consuming and extremely corrosive to the surface.The more car washing times,the faster the paint coating wears out,which means that all kinds of washing liquid including foam liquid are chemicals.The better the effect is,the faster the damage is.

By changing the washing habits,high temperature steam cooperates with less car wash foam or lower concentration of car wash.,high temperature steam cleaning can increase the effect of various cleaning fluids and then decompose the chemical residues left on the body surface. The final result is to greatly speed up the cleaning efficiency and maximize the protection of the vehicle surface,thereby preventing the greater danger of body washing damage.

Therefore,the use of steam washing or other cleaning work is not an alternative to traditional methods,but the best supplement to traditional methods.With the participation of steam cleaning,any type of cleaning work will become more perfect.
steam car washing machine

At present,most of the so-called steam cleaning machines in the market has not realized its real function.It is only a widely used boiler type steam engine with centralized water storage heating,which provides low-pressure and high-temperature steam with no obvious dry humidity,does not have high-pressure and dry humidity steam suitable for different use requirements,and has the following problems.

Need small high-pressure vessel boiler.It is difficult to balance the gas produced by the boiler,and the pressure is easy to decay under the continuous gas discharge,so there is a potential safety hazard.

The boiler is easy to accumulate scale,difficult to clean and low in thermal efficiency.

It takes a long time to warm up the water and gas,and it is not suitable for the car washing service to make the car owners wait for a long time.

The steam temperature is not constant temperature and pressure,which can not effectively control the fine dry humidity. It can only be used for common cleaning similar to water washing,which reduce the cleaning service quality.

The new generation of non boiler instant heating steam cleaning machine adopts the “instantaneous vaporization”instant technology.The whole machine adopts the explosion heat type high-efficiency removable heater,the micro-computer intelligent control system is extremely fine to adjust the dry humidity,the steam infinite sustainable pressure control system and other three core technologies,which make the steam cleaning equipment truly professional,efficient,safe and convenient.