• AC Voltage Requirement(V): 380V
  • Phase: three phase
  • Power consumption(KW): 60
  • Max. Water Consumption (L/h): 10.75
  • Max Gas Output(L/h): 20000
  • Max. Working Pressure (kg/cm2): 2

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Technical Parameters of  Oxyhydrogen Generator:
 Technical Parameters of OH20000 HHO oxyhydrogen generator(HHO fuel saver)
Model OH20000
AC Voltage 380V
Phase three phase
Power Consumption 60kw
Max. Gas Output 20000L/h(adjustable)
Max Working Pressure 2kg/cm2
Max Water Consumption 10.75L/h
Water Feed auto
Dimension-L*W*H 1970*900*1490
Gross Weight (kg) 890
Ventilation Space Requirement (mm) 400 in each direction  

Product Details:
 Okay Energy OH20000 HHO oxyhydrogen generator for boilers heating,waste incinerators,diesel generators and CNC hho metal cutting.

Diesel engine powered trucks, buses, ships and other heavy equipment are all major sources of diesel exhaust.We can see the black stuff caused by unburned fuel oil.We can add a little of oxygen and hydrogen for better conbumstion support for diesel generator.HHO oxyhydrogen generator for boilers,diesel generator can improve the combustion process of the existing fuel making it burn more efficiently.Therefore it achieve fuel saving and reduce the amount of pollutants exhaust emissions in the air.

Oxyhydrogen for CNC hho metal cutting can be alternative gas to LPG, Acetylene or LNG.As the combustion rate of Hydrogen gas is faster than that of other fuel gases,this provides higher heat transfer rate, higher piercing speed and faster cutting.

How does OH20000 hho oxyhydrogen generator work on diesel generator?
HHO Oxyhydrogen generator for diesel generator produce oxygen and hydrogen gases by water electrolysis which feed into combustion chamber of diesel generator for sufficient combustion.

Videos demostrations:
1.HHO fuel saving and combustion-supporting on boilers;
2.Semi-automatic or CNC automatic HHO sheet metal cutting;

1.Diesel engine generator powered for trucks,buses,ships.
2.Generators such as gas and oil production facilities and electrical utilities.
3.Gas or oil boilers for heating.
4.Brown's gas for waste incinerator.
5.CNC HHO metal cutting

1.Complete combustion.
2.Fuel saving.
3.Environment friendly.
4.Easy and safety installment.

 Okay Energy More Portable and Industrial Models:

  • more about OH20000
    •  What is Oxyhydrogen Generator?

      Oxyhydrogen generator consumes water and electricity, electrolyze water into hho gas hydrogen and oxygen.We can use H2 and O2 as source of flame replacing LPG, Propane, Acetylene fuel  or natural gas or other fuel.

      Oxyhydrogen generator can be used for  welding, cutting, polishing,brazing, boiler heating etc. Also can burst with other fuel together for heating.

      What are unique advantages of HHO Oxy-hydrogen Generator for diesel generator and boiler heating?

      1.High Combustion Supporting,Complete Combustion
      Energy Saving more than 30% compared with traditional LPG, Propane, and Acetylene fuel.

      2.Fuel Saving
      The cost of electricity and water can be reduced more than 40% compared with LPG, Propane, and Acetylene fuel.

      3.No Pollution,Eco-friendly
      No harmful hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide.

      4.Easy & Safety Operation
      Fuel is available immediately after machine is switched on.HHO Gas Generator can supply gas as user's demand by adopting the 
      advanced automatically control technology, no gas storage. 
  • Advantages 
    •  Oxyhydrogen More Advantages 

      1. Maximum Safety 

      a. Steady, reliable fuel delivery. Fuel is available immediately after machine is switched on. No volatile fuel tanks which can rupture or explode.

      b. Multiple safety devices, including overheating and in-sufficient water cut-off switches, will automatically turn off power to ensure the safety of both equipment and user.

      2. Environmental Friendly 

      a. The fuel generated by our machines burns completely without creating pollutants, toxic fumes, or public nuisance.

      b. No harmful hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide to the human and environment.

      3. High Mobility

      a. Our generators come equipped with wheels to facilitate moving the generators to the job, not the other way around.

      b. Our generator immediately generates fuel as needed, eliminating the need for dangerous awkward gas tanks.

      c. Fuel can be used for long periods of time without overheating peripheral equipment

      4. High Temperature & Calorific value

      a. Calorific value is 34000Kcal/kg

      b.The flame temperature is over 2800°,it can melt refractory metals and none-metals 

      5. Save energy and money

      a. Fuel is generated using only electricity and clean soft water.

      b. Both economical and practical when compared to the currently used LPG, Propane, or acetylene.

      6. Low Heat Dispersal 

      Use of this fuel provide a more focused heat source with less heat loss, maintaining a more comfortable, safer, lower fatigue working environment. 
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