O3 ozone generator air purifer for car and room
Air Source Ozone Generator
KN5G/KN10G ozone generator
The ozone generator is to air purify and sterilize for hotel rooms,cars,offices etc, and waste water treatment. Ozone is a safe, residue-free oxidant and bactericidal disinfectant, will not cause secondary pollution.
  • KN5G/KN10G
  • 220V 50Hz
  • 5g-10g
  • 15-20mg/L
  • air
  • 275*185*150
  • 60W/80W
KN5G KN10G Ozone Generator Air Purifier

The ozone generator(O3) adapts the working principle of corona discharge to generate ozone. The tube is a quartz tubular structure with high safety factor and good stability. It uses a unique heat dissipation technology to effectively dissipate heat with low operating temperature.

Air Purifying
1. Sterilization for Hotel rooms,cars,offices etc.
2. Sterilization for industrial production workshops, bed sheets, wards, even kindergartens in schools, etc.
Technical Parameters
Model KN5G KN10G
Ozone Flow(g/h) 5 10
Ozone Concentration(mg/L) 15-20 15-20
Power(W) 60W 80W
AC Voltage(V) 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz
Cooling Mode air cooling air cooling
Air Source air air
Material iron plate spray molding iron plate spray molding
Timing Mode 0-90 minute 0-90 minute
Working Condition T ≤45℃,RH≤80%,Do not use in flammable and explosive places
Uage Area(m³) 150-250 300-500
Dimension(L*W*H-mm) 275*185*150 275*185*150
Advantage characteristics:
1.Box design,saving space and energy
Put the air compressor, ozone discharge chamber, power control panel and other accessories in one box.
2.High ozone concentration,stable ozone output
Ozone discharge chamber is our patented technology. The discharge chamber adopts narrow gap discharge, which produces high ozone concentration and stable output. It adopts full sealing technology as a whole, which is reliable in operation.
3.High efficiency and stability power supply
The power supply unit is the core technology. It includes two process of frequency conversion and voltage rise,with automatic soft start function.
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