high pressure automatic SCW3012 steam car wash machine price
Steam Car Wash Machine
Steam car wash machine produces about dry and wet steam inmediately at the built-in heating pipeline without storage. The soft steam is to combine,soften,expand and separate the dirty on the surface of the car.
  • SCW3012
  • 220±5%
  • 9
  • 40~85
  • ≦0.8
  • ≦0.7
  • 50
Steam Car Wash Machine SCW3012

Okay Energy Steam Car Wash adopts non-boiler instant heating pipeline to produce high pressure steam by instantaneous water vaporization. It produces dry and wet steam immediately without storage.The principle of steam thermal degradation is used to combine, soften, expand and separate the dirt adhered to the automobile surface with soft steam, and remove the remaining water stains on the surface of the car with a clean cloth. Combined with ecro-friendly steam oil cleaner, it can achieve double cleaning effect.

9kw steam washing machine

Recommended places: Large and medium-sized car washing shops, car beauty service centers and all kinds of car washing service center.
Washing range: wash inside car, clean body, engine, tires, car air conditioning, sofa, ceiling etc
  Water Saving Up To 90%
  Safety Car Care
  Working Efficiency
  Wide Washing Range
  Killing Car Bateria
  Bad Smelling Removal
Technical Parameters
Model SCW3012
Voltage(V) 220±5%
Power(KW) 9
Steam Temperature(℃)


Water Consumption(L/M)


Steam Pressure(mpa) 0.7
Steam Type dry and wet steam
Steam Cleaning Gun 2pcs
Cleaning Tube 5m
Insulation Grade F
Net Weight(kgs) 50
Dimension(L*W*H-mm) 400*600*950


1.precise wet and dry steam with digital control
2.strong enough steam pressure
3.Several switch choices for wet and dry steam
4.Continuous stable and reliable cleaning work
5.Double cleaning effect with special steam oil cleaner
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