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HHO oxyhydrogen gas generator for copper welding-air conditioner welding

 Okay Energy HHO oxyhydrogen gas generator for copper welding such as air conditioner,musical instruments.Oxy-hydrogen copper welding's advantages:
Water electrolysis make water into oxygen and hydrogen gas.It is water vapor aftercombustion,which is no carbon emissions rather than harmful CO and CO2 gas.
2)High safety.
It will produce gas when use and don’t produce for no use.When the workingpressure is 0.2Mpa,it will automatically stop producing gas to prevent the riskof leakage and backfire instead of high pressure fuel gas vessel. Anti-backfiredevice make all of gases through from water in the case of backfire, and waterwill put out of fire.At the same time,the pressure relief valve will automaticallyreduce high pressure and automatically reset in the case of backfire.
3)High speed.
4)Energy saving.

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