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Oxyhydrogen for wax investment casting
Wax investment casting is one of the first step during the precision casting process.Once the wax pattern is removed from the investment casting mold, the skilled manual operator would remove the burrs on the wax pattern and make sure the surface is clear.Mostly,it is necessary to do wax pattern assembly also called wax pattern build up. Recently,Okay Energy have some experienced cases on oxyhydrogen generator used for making wax molds.During making max pattern,the oxy-hydrogen generator is the ideal equipment for the lost wax casting process and wax pattern build up.The small power and low gas output of hho generator is enough for the wax mold casting process.Then we recommend you Okay Energy oxy-hydrogen generators OH100 and OH200.
wax assemblying process welder machine

oxyhydrogen wax welder machine

Features and advantages.
1.clean and small oxyhydrogen flame.
The special HHO torch with single needle will produce small and clean HHO flame which good for an accurate wax investment casting process.
2.casting precisely
The flame is concentrated and adjustable, it can achieves precise wax casting.
3.safety and eco-friendly
Water as fuel therefore it is only water vapor after combustion and no harm to the workers and environment.