• Working medium: oxyhydrogen gas, hydrogen gas, acetylene and so on
  • Opening pressure: 0.005MPA (0.05Kg.f/cm2)
  • Flux: >1m3/h
  • Function: flame out the back-fire continuously
  • Connection method: either ends is M16*1.5mm standard screw thread, apply in connecting with metal pipe or cylinder pressure reducing valve

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  • Flashback arrestor-FA-11
  • FA-11
Technical Parameters of  Oxyhydrogen Generator:

Product Details:
  • more about FA-11
    •  Hydrogen flashback arrestor/oxyhydrogen flashback arrestor

      Oxy-Hydrogen flashback arrestor is a kind of dry-type flashback arrestor which is made of international advanced high-technology nano ceramics anti-backfire tube. It can prevent the backfire from gas tube safely and continue to fire up to work after put out the flame. It is an ideal safe device for using hydrogen to work at present.

      The flashback arrestor applies in welding, cutting and other similar workplaces to protect the operators' safety. It also can be applied in oxyhydrogen gas tube to be a safety device for keeping it from back-fire.

      Compared with other domestic and overseas similar products, the flashback arrestor has a stable structure, light weight, good appearance, safe and reliable performance and other features. All kinds of technical index have been tested according to the standard advanced requirements and experiment methods of domestic and overseas similar products, and all the products have got access to delivery after pass factory test.
  • Advantages 
    • Notice

      1.The arrow mark on the product refers to the direction of airflow under the normal work. You shouldn't install it reversely, otherwise the gas cannot pass through. You should check the joint whether there is any gas leakage.

      2.The flashback arrestor is forbidden to be opened. Once it is opened, you must do the efficiency test again. Qualified ones need to present the conformity certificate again, or it cannot be installed to use.

      3.Once products have any damage, you must stop to use immediately and renew it to continue to use. The product must force to be replaced after using for half a year.

      4.You must do the inspection by using the qualified efficiency test equipment when examining and repairing the product, qualified ones need to present the conformity certificate again. If you haven't specialized efficiency test equipment, you need to replace it instead of repairing.

      5.The factory package should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, forbidden to touch anything smeary and corrosive. Do not throw it heavily or the flashback arrestor will be damaged.
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