oxyhydrogen generator accessory FA-11 flashback arrestor
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Flashback Arrestor
flashback arrestor FA-11 is the necessary parts of oxyhydrogen generators. It is equipped with OH2000,OH3000 oxyhydrogen generators.
  • FA-11
  • oxy-hydrogen gas, hydrogen gas, acetylene and so on
  • 0.005MPA (0.05Kg.f/cm2)
  • >2m3/h
  • flame out the back-fire continuously
Flashback arrestor FA-11
Oxy-Hydrogen flashback arrestor is a kind of dry-type flashback arrestor which is made of international advanced high-technology nano ceramics anti-backfire tube. It can prevent the backfire from gas tube safely and continue to fire up to work after put out the flame. It is an ideal safe device for using hydrogen to work at present.
The flashback arrestor applies in welding, cutting and other similar workplaces to protect the operators' safety. It also can be applied in oxyhydrogen gas tube to be a safety device for keeping it from back-fire.
Compared with other domestic and overseas similar products, the flashback arrestor has a stable structure, light weight, good appearance, safe and reliable performance and other features. All kinds of technical index have been tested according to the standard advanced requirements and experiment methods of domestic and overseas similar products, and all the products have got access to delivery after pass factory test.
Technical Parameters:



Working medium

oxy-hydrogen gas, hydrogen gas, acetylene and so on

Opening pressure

0.005MPA (0.05Kg.f/cm2)




flame out the back-fire continuously

Connection method

either ends is M16*1.5mm standard screw thread, apply in connecting with metal pipe or cylinder pressure reducing valve

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