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FAQ brown gas generator: brown gas feature
The History of Okay Energy Brown Gas

Okay Energy have absorbed the practical and high-efficiency features of brown gas generator from Korea Best, Canadian Eagle-Research Institute, Australian Yull Brown, American William Rhodes, Bob Boyce and combined with Chinese characteristics. We researched and developed a new generation of industrial grade brown gas machines,which popular called "hho gas" or "oxyhydrogen gas" or "hydroxy gas".

Brown gas working principle

water can be seperated into its constituent elements,oxygen and hydrogen, through a electrolysis process.The standard formulas for water electrolysis and combustion are:

1)Eletrolysis:2H2O→2H2 + O2

2)Combution:2H2 +O2→2H2O

In the standard electrolysis of water, hydrogen gas will form off the negative cathode and oxygen off the positive anode.

Why do we use brown gas generator?

Gas cylinders can be extremely dangerous and gas cylinder explosions frequently occur in foreign countries.Our brown gas generator is quite safe since it does not require gas cylinders and no risk of leakage and explosion. Brown gas generator consumes water and electricity,electrolyze water into H2 and O2,we can use H2 and O2 as source of flame replacing acetylene or natural gas or other fuel.

What is Okay Energy brown gas machine's features?

1. The power supply:Inverter DC resonance power supply is made of imported IGBT power valve. The electrolysis is 30% higher efficiency and electrolysis current is stable and adjustable. It can long-term work 24-hours continuous.

2. Electrolysis Cell:It adopts large precise mould to integrated formed, prevent from explosion and leakage, work life is long. It is suitable for kinds of complicated working condition.

3. Heat dissipation system:Unique reasonable structured duct design radiation design and larger space of three-dimensional air flue for heat dissipation to ensures the radiation effect,meet the need of the work for 24 hours under high temperature of 40 degrees in summer.No need to cooling by water cycle.

4. Safety system:Safety system adopts multi-level swing type water seal design, detects and controls the safe water level automatically, perfect combination by multilevel wet-type flashback arrestor technology, automatic safety valve technology and dry-type fire resistance technologydry-type flashback arrestor, ensure 100% prevent from backfire.

5. Control system:Control water level and pressure automatically, exception catch setting, stabilize the pressure device.

6. Water and gas separation system:Gravity swing water and gas separation system, water vapor collection and backflow design, ensure that there is no mositure in the gas output pipe.
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