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HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine - The Unique Business Advantages
Okay Energy,professional manufacturer of hho engine carbon clean machine for sale to the automotive trade.Our engine carbon cleaner machines use hydrogen generated from water to remove carbon build up and are designed for easy vehicle maintenance without the need for engine dismantling.

What is your advantages of buying your hho engine carbon cleaner machine?

Our unique advantages of doing hho engine carbon cleaning:12 years experience, variety products range, OEM service, wifi remote control for after sales service.What's more,we can do free advertising for distributors or agents.

What about whole car cleaning profit? How to make money fastly?

Let’s say 3 cars per day.every carbon cleaning charges USD 40 at least.You works 22 days a month and there will be 66 cars for carbon cleaning.You will get USD2640 income at least a month and get back the machine cost within 2 months. You can charge the service fee based on the different liters engine,carbon cleaning time.

Usually,you have three mode to do hho carbon cleaning business and make money fastly :1) Directly resale machines to end customers like car workshop,car service staion. 2)Our machine can set and record carbon cleaning times automatically.You could directly rent machines to end customers and share 50% profit as per carbon cleaning times. 3) Creat your own brand and do carbon clean franchise.

What is your machine lifetime?

The machine lifetime is about 8-10 years.Our usual machine warranty is one year.and we provide you all technical and service support for the machine's all the life.
FAQ Car Carbon Cleaning Machine
1.What is engine carbon deposit?

Because lack of enough oxygen supply, combustion chamber of engine causes incomplete combustion of fuel and consequently leads to produce fuel smog. At the same time, if the lubricating oil which goes into the combustion chamber could not be combusted completely, it will produce charred lubricant particles.

Thus, many combustion residues of lubricating oil and fuel fumes assembles in the engine. This mixture oxidized into a gelatinous material,which will adhered to every corner of the engine, and finally formed carbon deposit.

2.What is car engine carbon cleaning machine?

Okay Energy car engine carbon cleaning machine uses water as fuel, and electrolyzes water to produce hydrogen and oxygen, Hydrogen as fuel and oxygen as accelerant. This mixed gas has good catalytic combustion characteristics. This gas will produce a high temperature flame in the car engine, and will completely burn off the grease, carbon deposits which adhered to the engine inner wall. After combustion, water vapor produced, this water vapor can dissolve the grease and carbon deposits slowly. Finally, they all discharged to as liquid or smog coming out of the exhaust pipe.

3.What’s the advantage of carbon cleaning machine?

a.Carbon cleaning machine uses water as fuel to produce mixed oxygen and hydrogen, which has no harm to engine and friendly to environment after cleaning, while traditional cleaning methods uses chemicals, which will damage the engine and also pollute the environment.

b.Carbon cleaning machine is very easy to operate and has an alarm system to remind operator when the cleaning procedure is finished.

c.No need to discharge engine, only send the gases through the intake manifold vacuum pipe.

d.It only takes 15 minutes to finish the cleaning procedure, time is much shorter than other cleaning methods.

4.What are the characteristics of carbon cleaning machine?

a.Computer control system built-in for carbon cleaning process.

b.Timer counter system built-in, easy to operate.

c.Carbon cleaning time-up ring built-in.Automatic remind when time is over.

d.LCD screen shows all process by picture directly.No troublesome buttons&indicate lights.

e.Only 15 minutes for carbon cleaning.

f.Wireless transmitter technology to detect when engine shut down,and the machine will alarm if engine stop suddenly.

g.Own complete alarm system for over pressure, over temperature, water shortage.

h.10 national patents.

i.2013 National science and technology plan major project.

j.Pass authoritative test from CSBTS

k.Authoritative certification of ISO,CE,FCC,TUV.

l.Brand enters over 3000 car shops around the global.

m.Insurance Company Underwriting.
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