How to use Okay Energy OH oxyhydrogen generator for electric motor enamel copper wire welding
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How to use oxyhydrogen generator for electric motor enamel copper wire welding
Most of our customers are confused that how to safely use oxyhydrogen machine. As the welding workers in the workshop are familiar with the use of oxyacetylene and butt welding but not oxyhydrogen welding.
oxyhydrogen generator for electric motor enamel copper wire welding

One of our customer came to our factory to learn how to use oxyhydrogen generator for welding electrical motor windings. Our after-sales and technical support engineer provide on-site machine demonstration and training in our showroom.
oxyhydrogen welding electrical motor windings

Today we share you the detailed useful tips of oxyhydrogen welding electrical motor windings.Although our engineer explain it in Chinese,we have sorted out according to the video of how to use oxyhydrogen generator for welding.

How to turn on the machine?
1.Turn on the machine switch,it will display the hho gas output on the screen.
2.The gas production adjustment knob can adjust the hho gas.
3.When the pressure gauge rises to 0.1Mpa, open the flame torch’s valve and try to increase the valve as much as possible, but not reduce it. If the gas volume is large, the torch can not be ignited. At this time, the valve can be adjusted down again. But The valve can’t be adjusted too low and the pressure of hydrogen and oxygen is too low. When oxyhydrogen gas combustion, the hydrogen and oxygen in the gas pipe will be ignited to cause backfire.
*Please keep in mind that you should be careful not to ignite from the front, but from the bottom of the back,which can avoid burning your hands.

How to ignite?
When igniting, you can see the blue flame in the middle of the burner.It indicates that the fire power is normal and the hho gas pressure can support the combustion. If there is no blue flame at the flame core, it will be the possibility of backfire. You should close the gun valve and check if it is caused by insufficient air pressure or other reasons.

How does the oxyhydrogen flame temperature affect the result of enameled wire welding?
The temperature of the inner blue flame is as high as 2600-2800 celsius degree. If the blue flame directly burns the enameled wire, the fire power is very fierce and can quickly burn the enameled wire. The outer yellow flame temperature is about 1600 celsius degree, and it will slowly burn the copper wire into red and weld into a ball. If you need to quickly heat the solder joints, you can move the flame gun slightly back and forth to efficiently complete the enameled wire welding.

How to avoid tempering in enameled wire welding?
The torch’s nozzle should not be too close to the solder joint, the welding slag can easily block the nozzle and cause tempering. It is recommended to keep the gun’s nozzle at least 1 cm away from the solder joint to prevent tempering.

How to use oxygen hydrogen flame to weld enameled wire?
At first, burn the enameled wire into red, then put in the welding rod, which can quickly fuse the solder joints, and then move the flame gun back and forth slightly to avoid solder false.

How to close the oxyhydrogen torch?
The flame gun’s valve must be closed quickly. Please be careful not to close the gun valve slowly. If you turn off the flame gun slowly, there will be insufficient gas supply and result in tempering.