Customers Demonstrate Oxygen Hydrogen Welding Electrical Motor Windings
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Customers Demonstrate Oxygen Hydrogen Welding Electrical Motor Windings

Automatic equipment manufacturer of electric motor came to our company to trial welding electrical motor windings.

We warmly welcomed the coming of customers. Accompanied by the domestic sales manager and technical director, customers visited the company's R &D department, production workshop, exhibition room. Our technical support engineer adjust 3000liter hho gas to demonstrate how to weld the large motor windings according to the customer requirements. Firstly preheating, then you should add the welding rod to join it smoothly and hardly. Some customers have requirements of welding speed, so we can provide you larger gas output oxyhydrogen generator such as OH5500, OH7500, OH10000, etc. If it is the very small electric motor for coil wire welding,it is no need to add welding rod.

oxyhydrogen welding windings

Customers use our oxyhydrogen generator to braze the samples, and put forward a variety of questions of machine operation and maintenance. Our relevant technical support engineer and sales manager have made detailed answers. The rich professional products knowledge left a deep impression on customers.

customers brazing samples