Oxyhydrogen flame coil wire welding machine is clean energy as an alternative
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Oxyhydrogen flame coil wire welding machine is clean energy as an alternative


Oxygen hydrogen is clean energy as an alternative,which is one of the options to achieve carbon neutrality. Hydrogen is called green hydrogen because it is completely free from carbon emissions. As an important choice to solve the energy crisis and climate crisis in the future, "green hydrogen" also appeared in the Sino-US joint statement. More and more people have realized that "green hydrogen" will play an important role in the future social development.

Oxyhydrogen Generators' Development

Oxygen hydrogen generators have been widely used for the green manufacturing in the electric motors,power transformers,air conditioning and compressors manufacturers. Oxyhydrogen welding machine can replace the Oxyacetylene or propane gas cylinders. But most manufacturers still hesitated or worried to use new oxyhydrogen welding machines. As Bill Gates said one issue:what is the difference in cost between a product that involves emitting carbon and an alternative that doesn’t? This difference in cost is what I call the Green Premium.

One of our customers has done a cost analysis report on oxyhydrogen welding and acetylene welding for 315-400# electric motors enameled wire. Comparing the cost of oxyacetylene welding with hydrogen oxygen welding in the cost of operators, silver copper electrode, gas cylinder and finished products quantity, it is found that , the oxyhydrogen welding cost will be saved by RMB 6000-7000 per month after long-term use of oxyhydrogen machine.

The industrial oxyhydrogen generators for welding are adopted the method of alkaline electrolysis,which is the low efficiency and high cost of pure water electrolysis. Generally, potassium hydroxide (KOH) or sodium hydroxide (NaOH) with a concentration of 25%-28% is used as a catalyst (we call electrolyte) to improve the efficiency of electrolysis. Our oxyhydrogen generator only needs to add electrolyte before the first use, and subsequent daisy use only needs to add pure water (purified water, distilled water, deionized water can be used, It is forbidden to add tap water). When the machine is running,you should replace the electrolyte,clean and maintain the equipment every 500 hours.

Okay Energy small and larger industrial oxyhydrogen generator OH2000-OH10000 have used for power transformer and electrical motor windings brazing in Jiamusi Electric Motors.

oxyhydrogen flame coil wire welding

Oxyhydrogen Flame Features

1.It is produced by water electrolysis and generates water vapor after combustion, which does not pollute the environment.
2.It can be produced on demand, and the oxyhydrogen gas is not stored.
3.It can produce gas immediately without waiting.
4.All kinds of safety devices are built in the machine, such as anti-backfire flame gun, pipeline anti-backfire flame arrester, internal pressure diagnosis of the machine, pressure relief system, etc.
5.The flame temperature is as high as 2800 ℃, the welding speed is fast and concentrated, the welding is reliable, and there is no false welding.
6.There is no magnet wire enamel stripping.
7.It is easy for operation. The machine is with the functions of graphic display dynamic, water shortage, fault alarm, and prompt trouble shoot solutions on the display screen.
8.The oxyhydrogen flame is stable.
9.Industrial oxyhydrogen generators can meet the long-time uninterrupted work. It can add external automatic water adding function to realize 24 hours work without stopping water adding.