QM6000 scr/dpf cleaning machine manufacturer - unique technology to clean different sized DPF,SCR,FAP air filters
DPF Cleaning Machine
QM6000 scr/dpf cleaning machine
The DPF filter cleaning machine can be for every kind of air particulate filter and the entire cleaning cycle (washing and drying). Under the condition of not damaging the air filter,it can work for every kind of DPF,SCR to do washing.
  • QM6000
  • 220V
  • 1400rpm
  • 0.37KW
  • 30 liters
  • 0.8Mpa
  • 1200*1850*500
QM6000 GPF/SCR/DOC/DPF cleaning machine

DPF cleaning machine is a professional equipment of three-way catalytic exhaust treatment for car, bus and truck. It adopts stainless steel water pump, air compressor, large flow exhaust fan, multi gear heater, PLC touch screen real-time display of aire pump pressure, water pump pressure and cleaning time, which can realize the function of printing before and after cleaning. The machine is used for three-way catalytic converter, urea aftertreatment, particle crystallization cleaning of tail gas box, DPF cleaning and drying, with the features of convenient cleaning, operation and maintain.
It is the alternate work of water flushing and high pressure air explosion. The high pressure air in the air storage tank is released instantaneously.Using the top water of the air, the compressed water is to generate potential energy, and the blockage inside the air filter is flushed out instantly.
There are two cleaning methods:internal circulation cleaning and external circulation cleaning
Internal circulation: take out the GPF / DPF / SCR / DOC and put it into the water tank of the machine for cleaning.
External circulation: There are two cleaning pipes, which is connected with the external exhaust box. The water outlet of the cleaning machine is connected with the inlet of the exhaust box for direct cleaning, and another cleaning pipe is connected with outlet of the exhaust box for return water.

Technical Parameters
Model QM6000
Cleaning Time 120min(max)
Display Mode 7 inch touch screen
AC Voltage 220~240V two phase
Working Mode continuous
DPF Range(OD*Height-mm) 30-100mm*300
Exhaust Box(OD*Height-mm) 650*500
Cleaning Pipe 2pcs*9meters
Motor Speed(r/min) 1400RPM
Motor Power 0.37KW
Heating Power 3500W
Air Compressor Volume 30L
Fan Power 3000W
Dimension(L*W*H-mm) 1200*1850*500
Weight(kg) 345
It can be used for different sized DPF,SCR,FAP air filters of different industrial vehicles(buses, trucks, construction equipment) to completely remove PM10,cerium and oil deposits without damaging the filter.
Advantage characteristics:
1. High efficient and time saving cleaning methods. Under the condition of not damaging the air filter, it can work for every kind of DPF, SCR to do internal circulation washing and external circulation washing.
2. DPF mould box. The different size of mound ring can be selected to dry DPF under high temperature and high wind power.
3. Printing of cleaning results. After cleaning, the printer will automatically match the cleaning program, print detailed data and results before and after cleaning.
4. Automatic high pressure air purging process. It can realize the functions of air gun purging,air bag inflation,and air pump starting.
5. 7inch touch screen control panel. It displays the running status including air pump pressure, water pump pressure and cleaning time with Chinese and English.The customers logo can be added.
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