• Input Voltage: 220V
  • Power Consumption: ≤3kw
  • Input air pressure: ≤4KG
  • Steam pressure: ≤0.2Mpa
  • Dimensions - L*W*H (mm): 900*560*950
  • Catalytic converter cleaner: 350ml/bottle;1bottle per time

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  • catalytic converter cleaning
  • catalytic converter carbon clean machine
Technical Parameters of  Oxyhydrogen Generator:
 The Technical Data

Model No. VCS2000(2017 newest version)
Input Voltage 220V
Power Consumption 3kw
Input Air Pressure ≤4KG
Steam Pressure ≤0.2Mpa
Working Temperature 0-40℃
Dimensions - L*W*H (mm) 900*560*950
Net Weight 110kg
Catalytic Converter Cleaner 350ml/bottle;1bottle per time

Product Details:
VCS2000 2017 Newest Version Visible Three-way Catalytic Converter Carbon Cleaning Machine
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 catalytic converter carbon clean machine VCS2000

How does visible catalytic converter cleaning machine work on vehicle?
The system operates with special cleaner.After pneumatic atomize, cleaner enters into front oxygen sensor hole or vacuum tube of the car, the cleaner absorb on the catalytic converters and react with the carbon deposition rapidly, then after the reduction reaction, it restores the disabled catalytic converters to good condition to reduce the exhaust gas emission.

How to operate VCS2000 visible catalytic converter carbon cleaning machine?

Here is the VCS2000 visible catalytic converter carbon cleaning machine's operation video on youtube.

The whole catalytic converter cleaning time only 15-20mins,it is very easy,high effeciency work and saving your time and money.

What will happen after cleaning?

1.An effective solution for solving injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers and exhaust systems carbon deposits problems 
2.An effective solution for solving the problem of excessive car exhaust emissions caused by the catalytic converter malfuction. 
3.An effective solution for expensive parts three-way catalytic converters replacement problems due to chemical poisoning 

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  • more about VCS2000
    • What is Three-way Catalyst?
      Three-way catalyst which is fixed with automobile exhaust system is the most important external cleaning machine. It can transform CO, HC, NOx into CO2, H2O, N2 through oxidation-reduction, which is nontoxic.
      Because it can transform these three poisonous substances of exhaust gas into innoxious ones, so we call it three-way.

      How to Operate the three-way catalytic converter carbon cleaning machine?
      Operation Instructions:
      1、 Turn on the power switch of machine and steam,and the compressed air pipe should be connected.
      2、 Remove the front oxygen sensor.
      3、 Connect the vacuum device to the exhaust pipe.
      4、 Turn on the power switch of the vacuum device.
      5、 Please check if the front oxygen sensor’s inlet have suction.
      6、 5minutes later,please put the washing pipe to the front oxygen sensor.
      7、 Press the catalytic converter cleaning button to operate the cleaning and reduction process.
      8、 After the whole cleaning process is completed,please pull out the cleaning pipe.
      9、 After the operation finished,please draw off the suction pipe,turn off the power switch of the vacuum device and install the front oxygen sensor.
      10、 Start the car idling and then step the throttle to around 3500rpm to repeat 5times for outflow of the residual liquid.


  • Advantages 
    •  Comparison Among Three-way Catalytic Cleaning Machine and Traditional Methods
        Comparison among operation Comparison among products
      Chemical Drip Method 1. Dump the three-way catalytic solution into the reservoir bottle. 2. Hang the three-way catalytic device on the car cover, and disassemble the intake manifold(10 minutes). 3.Put the suction nozzle into the intake manifold, start to cleaning the three-way catalyst when car is idling.(30 minutes) 4.After cleaning, restore vehicle.(10minutes) 1. It takes about 40 minutes; 2. Difficult to deal with waste; 3. Cleaning process is unsafe, and produce water in the combustion chamber and pass through the exhaust system, and it has no remarkable effect; 4. No remarkable effects and no difference before and after cleaning;
      Traditional Disassembling Method 1.Disassemble the three way catalyst (one hour) 2.Spray potion on the inner surface of the three-way catalyst with a spray gun, and clean it several times.(30-40 minutes) 3.Dry the inner surface with an air gun(15 minutes) 4.Install and restore the three-way catalyst to its original(one hour) 1.Disassemble the three-way catalyst(one hour) 2.Spray potion on the inner surface of the three-way catalyst with a spray gun, and clean it several times.(30-40 minutes) 3.Dry the inner surface with an air gun(15 minutes) 4.Install and restore the three-way catalyst to its original(one hour)
      Visible Three-way Catalytic Cleaning Machine 1.Remove the oxygen sensor with a special tool.(5 minutes) 2.Visible through the whole cleaning process at normal temperature.(3 minutes) 3.High temperature steam cleaning. (3 minutes) 4.After cleaning, install and restore the oxygen sensor(5 minutes)5.Discharge waste.(2 minutes) 1.It takes time no more than 20 minutes for the whole cleaning process. 2.Environmentally friendly cleaning and harmless. 3.Concentrate on cleaning three-way catalyst to reach the exhaust standard, restore power and reduce the fuel consumption, and effect is remarkable. 4.Time is short and effect is visible through the whole process, customers can see the difference between before cleaning and after cleaning.

      The Effects

      1. Specialized cleaning three-way catalyst, also the oxygen sensor;
      2. Special cleaning fluid which cleans the carbon deposit is environmental friendly and will react with precious metals to produce harmless gas which can be discharged;
      3. Effect is visible;
      4. Three-way catalyst conversion rate has been improved more than 50%;
      5. Restore power;
      6. Save fuel from 8% to 10%;
      7. Reduce vehicle exhaust emission and save back pressure.
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