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FAQ HHO Gas Generator Kits
Q1:What is HHO geneator kits?

A:HHO generator kits is a kind of hydro fuel saver kits on cars,trucks,ships etc for complete engine combustion.It only use some pure water and electric to create hho gas into all kinds of diesel,petrol,LPG engines for fuel economy and lower carbon emissions because of engine combustion efficiency.

Q2:How does hho kits work on car?

A:In our hho system,HHO kits' DC power connect with cars battery and the filter' gas output connect to engine's air inlet.When cars engine running,turn on the power switch then the hho kits also produce hho gas into diesel,gasoline engines.

Q3:How does the car's fuel mileage rate go up?Is there carbon emissions decreased?

A:Yes,we do fuel saving testing show that the fuel mileage( the units of distance per fixed fuel unit.) is up to 18% when the car with hho gas.And carbon emissions CO(%)reduced 46%,HC(ppm) reduced 84%,CO2(%) -5%,O2(%) 96% after adding hho gas.
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