Okay Energy oxygen and hydrogen technology have attracted great attention from numerous media
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Warmly Welcome MEI Reporter to Okay Energy Oxyhydrogen For Corporate Interview
In recent years,Chinese government have paid more and more attention to the development and application of hydrogen energy under the background of global energy saving and emission reduction. Okay Energy oxygen and hydrogen technology have attracted great attention from Hunan Province Department of Commerce and numerous media.The journalists from focus vision of MEI came to our company for corporate visit and interview on March 14,2019.

The general manager Mrs He and Marketing manager Mrs Zhao warmly meet the visitors and then guide them to the production workshop firstly. Our manager Mrs Zhao with technical staff introduce in details to the reporter the production process of oxyhydrogen generators: electrolytic cell production, soldering, polishing, parts wiring and assembly, machine testing and so on. The reporter more learned about the unique technology of Okay Enery’s electrolyzer,PLC control panel system and electronic flame arrestor through the technician.

During the interview,Mrs Zhao introduced to the reporter that every machine has undergone rigorous debugging and testing from the processing production to the finished machine to ensure product quality.

In the conference room, the general manager briefed reporters on the company's recent achievements, the core competitiveness of products and the company development in the future. The visiting reporters have a new understanding of Okay Energy and oxyhydrogen generators. At the end of interview,Mrs He said:”Okay Energy will always adhere to the road of brand with independent design,R&D and innovation to develop more intelligent oxygen and hydrogen generators and related accessories, and lead the development of Chinese oxyhydrogen generators to the world.”