The Quartz Vacuum Sealing Process For Advanced Material Research
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The Quartz Vacuum Sealing Process For Advanced Material Research
The research programs of the Materials Science and Engineering department deal with the scientific and engineering aspects of the structure, properties, processing,manufacturing and application of materials. The significant advances were made in developing techniques for growing single-crystals of inorganic nonmentallic materials from the melt. The physical and chemical material scientists often do some research expanded to the study of the fundamental mechanisms of crystal growth processes. The silica glass tube are widely used for the preparing research samples so that evacuating the silica glass tube and sealing is the necessary operational process for material research. Okay Energy developed the new quartz vacuum sealing solution. In order to melt quartz tube,you need oxyhydrogen generator.

oxy-hydrogen flame quartz glass tube sealing machine
How to set up quartz vacuum sealing process? Here we have quartz sealing demonstration video, which with rotary and automatic sealing way.


Sometimes our after-sales service engineer need to go to the university laboratory for on-site oxyhydrogen generator’s installation and debugging. This helps us some learning about their research environment and related experimental device for advanced materials research. The most impressive thing in our mind is the quartz vacuum sealing process. There are two sets of vacuum pumps on the scene. Based on different requirement of vacuum level,there will be two intake and exhaust pipes connecting with the mechanical pump and turbo pump. During vacuum sealing,you may seal silica glass tube with smaller neck or adding quartz rods. The sealing way of adding quartz rod in silica glass tube will be more easier and efficient. Whatever you seal it,one aim is not easy to suck up the mixture powder.