Okay Energy participating in the performance of "Six Entries of Wushu"
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Wonderful Performance of “Six Entries of Wushu” in Changsha High-tech Zone
On January 19, 2019, the performance of "Six Entries of Wushu" in Changsha High-tech Zone was performed brilliantly. The so-called "Six Entries of Wushu" is to let Wushu enter schools, communities, enterprises, military barracks, towns and organs. Okay Energy represents the enterprise to participate in performing poetry reading “company dream”.

Wushu is the quintessence of China and the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. It is also a high-quality sport and fitness program for all the people.This activity takes Wushu as the medium, and goes deep into different groups in high-tech zones. It promotes the whole people to participate in Wushu (shadowboxing) fitness exercise. At the same time,more residents will join our team, exercise together through this performance in 2019.

Different boxing methods and different rhythm sensation of "Lei Feng Xia", "Yang's Taijiquan", "24-style Taijiquan performance" that make this showing very wonderful. Men and women, old and young, all perform on stage, and truly achieve the national fitness.

The health of the whole people is not only reflected in health care, but also in the health of the whole people. In 2018, the High-tech Zone has done a lot of work in promoting national fitness. Through the Wushu Association of the High-tech Zone, Wushu will be brought into the community and organs. In 2019, it is hoped that the Wushu Association of the High-tech Zone will continue to play a leading role in health and sports, so that more community residents and children can exercise and create a healthy and sunny life.