The oxyhydrogen’s intelligent electronic flashback arrestor -new anti-backfire technology
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The oxyhydrogen’s intelligent electronic flashback arrestor is new revolution of anti-backfire technology
Electronic flashback arrestor is our latest research and development products in recent years. In the process of using hydrogen and oxygen gas for more than 10 years,we explored the reaction of hho gas when the oxyhydrogen generator occurs backfire. Oxyhydrogen gas has the characteristics of high speed of backfire,and high requirement of heat and pressure resistance of fire retardant.For the safety of use and simple operation,we developed a new update anti-backfire device with light weight and reliable performance, which is the combination of an intelligent microcomputer control system and a self-developed hydrogen and oxygen gas fire-retardant device. The new electronic anti-backfire technology can effectively replace the traditional wet type and dry type anti-backfire technology, creating a new revolution in the hydrogen and oxygen industry.

How does the intelligent electronic flashback arrestor work?
The electronic flashback arrestor OKFA-1 is connected between the oxyhydrogen output gas pipe and flame torch. At the instant of backfire, the sensor collects the signal and feeds it back to the control board. The control system cuts off the oxyhydrogen gas within 0.02 seconds, and the fire-retardant realizes fire extinguishing at the situation of passive and zero gas pressure. After the fire-retardant, the system continues to supply oxyhydrogen gas within the set time.
oxy hydrogen flame torch and electronic flame arrestor
What is the unique difference of intelligent electronic flashback arrestor compared with traditional wet and dry anti-backfire arrestor?
Dry and wet anti-backfire arrestor can effectively prevent tempering.But both of them cannot cut off the gas source in the process of backfire.
For dry type arrestor, the high temperature heat can damage the flame arrestor. It is generally recommended that the user use it once a time.
The wet anti-backfire arrestor use water prevent tempering. After each tempering, you should check the water level and add water.The wet anti-tempering devices have many requirements in use. It is easy to cause the anti-tempering function to fail.
Intelligent electronic flashback arrestor works within 0.02 seconds when tempering occurs. It can completely cut off gas source. The pressure in the flashback arrestor is only remaining gas pressure in the gas pipe.Therefore,there is no damage of fire retardant.
During the whole process, users don’t worry about the damage of hydrogen and oxygen parts. After thousands of continuous anti-backfire test, the effective fire resistance rate is 100%.