The biggest oxyhydrogen generator OH20000 successfully passed 4*24 hours continuous working test
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The biggest oxyhydrogen generator OH20000 successfully passed 4*24 hours continuous working test
The Okay Energy's biggest oxyhydrogen generator OH20000 -20000L/hr have been successfully passed 4*24 hours continuous working test regarding of machines functional stability, which includes electrolytic system,gas and voltage pressure stability system,PLC control system,power supply system,water filling system, cooling fan system,electronic anti-backfire system tests etc.

oxygen hydrogen generator OH20000

oxyhydrogen machine testing

oxyhydrogen electronic flame arrestor's anti-backfire testing

oxy-hydrogen flame generator testing

Even though the OH20000 machine looks very big,it is very intelligent, simple operation and maintenance.

How does it control each machine’s systems? The control board system just like an signal sender telling us what’s the machine happened. When machine power on,the control board sends starting signal to power supply and then automatically remind which steps it follows up showed on PLC control panel screen. The control board can detect the whole working status. If any abnormal situation,it will send protection signal to power supply to stop working. What other aspects does the machine intelligence have? When machine is short of pure water, it will alarm to remind you adding pure water into water filling system. When it has run total 500 hours,it will remind you do maintenance by cleaning the electrolyzer.
OH20000 oxyhydrogen generator
From the above PLC panel screen,the machine have been set 99 hours countinuous working, and it has been running 81 hours without stopping. That was to say, our three technical engineer took more than 4 days to be on duty by turns to test it.

After 30 days of production and testing,the two sets of OH20000 machines were packed with export wooden case with pallet and shipped out smoothly. It is the high quality and high standard requirements of our workshop personnel and technicians that achieves Okay Energy brightness in the future.

oxygen hydrogen machine package and shipping

oh20000 oxy hydrogen flame generator
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