Okay Energy return to work after Chinese Lunar New Year holiday
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Okay Energy return to work after Chinese Lunar New Year holiday
After the long holiday break,we are normally get back to work today.Luckily,all of us are safe and healthy to the work after COVID-19 occurs.

The day before the recovery of work, the company prepared well in advance with comprehensive anti-epidemic measures and sufficient anti-epidemic materials, to make a comprehensive deployment for the fight against the epidemic situation.

First, two masks were issued to each employee to ensure healthy and safe working environment.
Second, a strict on-site inspection system was implemented. All people entering and leaving must wear masks, take temperature measurements, and register personnel information.
The third is to disinfect all office areas and workshops every day.
The fourth, the company's administrative department set up an epidemic prevention team, who check and record the implementation of epidemic prevention measures daily.

"The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility." This is a consensus that all our employees must face up to and acknowledge. Although we are not fighting in the forefront of treating patients, it is our responsibility to prevent and control ourselves,respond to government calls, reduce infection, restore normal production, and serve our customers.

We believe that with the concerted efforts of all people, the normal order of life will gradually be restored.