Okay Energy 2019 year-end party and happy Chinese new year
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Okay Energy 2019 year-end party to celebrate the coming Chinese new year
On January 16, to celebrate the coming of 2020, Okay Energy held its annual meeting. At noon, all employees of the company share lunch in the hotel. At the party, not only the passion of delicious food, but also the honor and encouragement, review and prospect can be seen, not only the return of hard work, but also the significance of working together.

Before the party, we selected a number of excellent employees through anonymous online voting, and the boss personally presented trophies and bonuses to the excellent employees of the company.

After the party, the general manager and deputy general manager of the company first made a summary of the work in 2019, and at the same time offered sincere New Year’s wishes to all of us.

We reviewed the efforts made in 2019 though a video, and then we exchanged gift. Each of us prepared gift in advance, numbered them and put them in the raffle box. Maybe the gift were not valuable, but we deeply felt the love between colleagues.

In the end, we participated in the award-winning contest and took out the prize through question answering.Of course, the big boss also prepared a surprise new year's gift for us.