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How to Use OK-MP Economy Type Ultrapure Water Purification System

Okay Energy OK-MP Series Ultrapure Water Purification System's Operation And Maintenance

It is to help our customers to install and operate ultrapure water purification system properly, which can guarantee best operation condition of machine. Proper installation and operation also will be helpful for prolonging service life of filter and reducing operation cost.
The machine's front view displays the water quality,temperature and operation lights.The back view have three kind of water connection including tap water intake,waste water output, and pure water output.
The outstanding process design can not only guarantee the production water quality but also reduce the cost of consumable items.
OK-MP10/20 ultrapure water purification system

A.High quality core components, like reverse osmosis membrane, refined mixed and polished resin, can best ensure the production water quality.
B.Standardized and parametric CAD product design method makes water purification system has reasonable structure, strong interchangeability and stable quality.
C.through adopting safe 24V direct current power supply, the machine Power Consumption will be only a few dozen watts per hour.
D.Through monitoring production water quality on line and displaying by LCD screen in real time, accurate and intuitive production water information can be observed directly.
E.By adopting pressure closed design and pipeline, joint with inert material( like PE, POM) to avoid the secondary pollution.
F.Pressure closed system design.
G.Automatic water production and storage.
H.The machine can output RO pure water and UP ultra-pure water at the same time. Water draw rate is about 1.5 liters/minute when water tank has storage.
I.Original separation design make it possible that we can install external water valve in any position of lab building. One machine and more water points makes it more convenient.

Machine Installation Condition

water requirement: tap water
minimum influent water pressure: 0.15-0.35MPa
minimum influent water flow: 0.3m3/hr
water temperature: 10~35°C
PH: 4~9
total dissolved solids(TDS):≤200mg/L(water softener should be taken into consideration when TDS> 300mg/L)
residual chlorine: ≤0.3mg/L
total iron: ≤0.1mg/L
manganese: ≤0.5mg/L
drainage: usually the sewer or wash basin

Machine Operation


Open stainless steel intake valve and connect water supply, plug in power after 10 to 20 seconds and then turn on the power switch on the machine.
After running for a period of time, the pure water tank will be full of water and the machine automatically shut down; when pure water level dropped, the machine automatically start to produce pure water.
please turn off water supply and power before getting off duty in order to keep safe and prolong the service life of machine and consumables.
Normally, Pure water machine should not be stop running for a long time. If pure water machine is left unused after installation, you should regularly (3 days in summer, 5 days in winter) take UP ultra-pure water (2 ~ 3 liters/time) to wash away the bacteria and other microorganisms.