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Busy Production Season of Carbon Cleaning System CCS1500
After Superseptember end in Octomber,we have very busy production season of oxyhydrogen carbon cleaning system CCS1500. The production department works overtime to hurry up the delivery of machine timely.
What are the core technology of carbon cleaning system? Do you self produce them? Oxyhydrogen carbon cleaning system have 5 core technology including micro computer control panel system,water and gas seperation system,spiral electrolyzer cell,filter and anti-fire system and power supply system.We own these five core technology and self produce the core parts.

Micro Computer Control Panel System

The programs of the control panel system are written by the company's technical developers and have our own software copyrights. It also can be customized as per customers needs.

Water And Gas Seperation System

The temperature of hydrogen and oxygen produced after electrolysis is about 50 celsius degree. After hydrogen and oxygen come out of the electrolyzer, they will condense with cold air through pipes and form water vapor and beads. The water and gas separation system inside the equipment adopts nanometer drying filter element and hydrogen water separation membrane to filter and dry the hydrogen and oxygen accompanied with water vapor. After passing through the nanometer level drying filter element, the hydrogen oxygen gas passes through the hydrogen oxygen special water vapor separation membrane independently developed and manufactured, which can completely separate the water vapor in the hydrogen oxygen gas and filter the alkalinity in the gas, so as to ensure that the gas is fully dry, the dry hydrogen oxygen is neutral, colorless and tasteless (the hydrogen oxygen comes from water electrolysis, which belongs to clean energy, colorless and tasteless) and harmless to human body and environment.
water gas seperation system of ccs1500 engine carbon cleaning machine

Spiral Electrolyzer Cell

The spiral electrolyzer has the characteristics of anti explosion and anti leakage. Our company adopts semi-automatic production line. After production, the electrolyzer is added with 7-8kg pressure into the pressure detection vessel of 20 cubic meters to test the welding quality to ensure that the weld is free of porosity, penetration and crack. It can ensure the full sealing and gas production efficiency of the electrolyzer, effectively extend the service life of the electrolyzer, and avoid potential safety hazards caused by air leakage and liquid leakage.
okay energy CCS1500 hydrogen engine carbon cleaning machine's electrolyzer cell

IGBT Power Supply System

The imported IGBT power tube is adopted to independently develop and produce the special frequency conversion resonance power supply for the oxyhydrogen generator, which ensures the power supply voltage is stable, the current is adjustable, and the electrolysis efficiency is high. It can work continuously for 24 hours. The imported precision power supply testing equipment for quality testing is to ensure stable and controllable quality of power system. The similar manufacturers use SCR rectifier power supply, which has high power consumption and low efficiency.

The whole production and testing process from raw materials to delivery, with high standards and strict requirements, and continuous technological upgrading and breakthroughs, is the founder of the oxyhydrogen generators and the benchmark of the industry.
carbon cleaning system CCS1500 shipping

carbon cleaning system packing