Okay Energy Zhejiang Office Established to Provide Customers Better After-sales Service
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Okay Energy Zhejiang Office Established to Provide Fast and High Quality After-sales Service

Okay Energy Zhejiang Office is officially established in Shaoxing on November 5, 2019, providing technical training and guidance, after-sales service, and professional oxyhydrogen brazing solution for the industry of motor drive.

Safe,Reliable and High Quality Industrial Solution

Okay Energy develop low carbon and energy saving hho generators and update advanced technology,service and products for wide applications. We produce water fuel oxyhydrogen generators through alkaline water electrolysis,which produce hho gas(brown gas) on demand without storage. Oxyhydrogen generator is a kind of gas supply system with low pressure and several built-in safety devices,which can replace acetylene, propane, liquefied gas and other gas cylinders. It is more energy saving,safety,environment friendly than traditional fuel gas. It can promote the future industry development and realize the dream of green and intelligent manufacturing in wide areas.

The most successful case is that oxyhydrogen flame enamel copper wire welding machine is widely used in the enameled wire welding,leading wire welding and copper flat brazing for electric motor manufacturers. Many electric motor manufacturers from Motor Industry Association have used our water gas generator to update the technology of production process, which has achieved remarkable results in energy saving, efficiency improvement and process quality improvement.

Fast,Efficient,High Quality And Satisfied After-sales

Okay Energy is a leading manufacturer of oxyhydrogen generator,with 13 years experiences in oxyhydrogen research and developing,process and quality improving. Nowadays,with the  increasing number of users,we pay attention to customer experience. On the one hand,we are constantly innovating in technology. On the other hand,we are comprehensively upgrading services to provide customers with supporting intelligent solution.

The Zhejiang Office of Okay Energy, located at No.86 chongwan Road, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province,can better serve customers in East China, and give technical  feedback to all after-sales problems within 30 minutes. We will arrive in two hours in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, four hours in 300 kilometers around, and in one day in all areas of East  China. We can solve problems for customers quickly and efficiently.

In order to improve the customer service,General Manager visited the market in person

On November5,2019,He Jiajuan,General Manager of Okay Energy,visited some customers in East China to improve service quality and customer satisfaction.
customer visiting electric motor workshop
In 2015,small and medium oxyhydrogen generator realized the function of automatic water adding.

oxyhydrogen generator with automatic water adding
In 2016,large oxyhydrogen generator realized intelligent automatic water adding function.

okay energy oxyhydrogen welding equipment
Centralized gas supply equiped with Okay Energy oxyhydrogen welding equipment.

oxyhydrogen flame enameled wire brazing
Enameled wire welding of large motor.

intelligent manufacturing workshop
Visit intelligent manufacturing workshop and develop better products for intelligent  manufacturing based on market demand.

Focus on customer experience and improve service quality

Adhering to the business philosophy of creating value for customer,with the pursuit of  excellence, immediate action and service growth as the core values, Okay energy focuses on  providing customers with safe,convenient,enviromentally friendly ,stable products and  supporting solutions as well as fast,efficient,high-quality and perfect after-sales service.