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Carbon Cleaning For Motorbikes Or Scooters
 Okay Energy CCS200 carbon cleaning system is designed for motor scooters/motorbikes (engine from 50-500CC).
What is motor scooter/motorcycle carbon cleaning system?
The carbon cleaning system for scooters/motorcycles generate oxygen and hydrogen gases which is fed into the air filter.Idle the engine for 20minus to break down the carbon deposits through combustion.carbon cleaning system is automatically off when carbon cleaning over.
Operation steps
1.Turn on the power switch.
2.idle the motorbike engine.
3.connect the wireless receiver to the battery.
4.insert gas pipe into the air filter. “set”,then “OK” on the receiver for carbon cleaning.
6.after 20mins,carbon cleaning over and machine is automatically off.
7.remove the receiver and take out the gas pipe.
8.idle the motorbike and refueling 10times.