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Why HHO Generator For Boiler Is Fuel Saver
As we know,the coal,oil,diesel as a fuel are used in the field of industrial boiler energy saving,which is traditional method.These fuel are hard to combust efficiently.To solve the problem of energy saving,there will be appearing hho technology of oxyhydrogen generator for boiler.Why hho generator for boiler is fuel saver? let's me introduce you the working pricinple and its advantages.
With the rapid development of new energy,the cost of eletricity is much low.At the same time,we face the serious problem of environment pollution such as smoke emission exhaust and shortage of energy.

Oxy-hydrogen Generator Working Pricinple
Oxy-hydrogen generator(hho generator) is able to separate clean soft water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen gases, using a small amount of electric power through a special process. These gases are then mixed and delivered for use to replace LPG or other gas for fuel.

HHo Generator for Boiler can combust enough with advantages of low cost,high quality flaming,environment 100%,fuel saving.
Low cost   fuel is generated using only electricity and clean soft water.
High quality flaming  The oxy-hydrogen flame temperature is high up to 2800 degree.Flaming is concentrated and clean.
Environment 100%  Oxy-hydrogen flame combustion doesn't form CO2,CO harmful gases.there is water vapor after combustion, no any harm to the human and environment.
Fuel Saving  oxyhydrogen generator saves energy cost over 30% compared with other gas welding way.Adding the oxygen cost, it will save cost over 40%.

Okay Energy design and supply OH5500,OH7500,OH10000 hho generator for boiler.Very easy and safety operation.