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More Okay Energy Engine Carbon Removing Machine Putted Into 4S Car Shop
When the auto engine carbon removing machine putted into new 4S shop, Okay Energy will send technicians training regularly for the equipment maintenance and operation.This face to face after-sales service by Okay Energy let customers know more about our engine decarbonizing machine.On the other hand,we can continue to improve and customize our oxy-hydrogen powered engine carbon cleaning technology.
With more distributors join us to develop the carbon cleaning business,more Okay Energy carbon cleaning machines are being put into 4S car shops or auto repairs in China,India,Mexico.On early stage,we will provide all the technical support by online chat,video training for distributors.
Now Okay Energy’s oxyhydrogen engine decarbonizing machine get more and more recognition.We are developing market for cars,scooter or motorbikes in other countries.As the first oxy-hydrogen generator supplier in China,Okay Energy sincerely invite you to join us to win business together.