advantages of oxyhydrogen flame generator for glass ampoule sealing compared the traditional
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Advantages Oxyhydrogen Flame For Glass Ampoule Sealing Compared Traditional Gas Sealing
Okay Energy Oxy-hydrogen Generator have huge success on glass ampoule bottle sealing .Oxy-hydrogen generator mainly electrolyzes water to hydrogen and oxygen, when burn the gas, the oxy-hydrogen flame temperature is up to 2800℃,the flame can seal ampoule bottle rapidly. And the effect as well as the speed is higher and faster than adopting by liquefied gas.
Traditional ampoule bottle sealing adopt liquefied gas as fuel, use air as combustion-supporting, so its flame have CO2 , CO and nitride which may have bad influence to the medicine in the ampoule bottle, and it is also not safe for working environment.

Comparison of oxy-hydrogen flame sealing with traditional liquefied gas sealing method.
Advantages by Oxy-hydrogen flame for glass ampoule bottle sealing:
1. Safety Oxy-hydrogen technology only need water and a little electricity, no need extra cylinder to store gas, it is plug and play, user have no worry about gas leakage or explosion.
2. Convenience Oxy-hydrogen sealing only need water and a little electricity. One liter water can be used for 7-8 hours. Traditional liquefied gas sealing need cylinder store gas which need be moved, inconvenient.
3. Clean When Oxy-hydrogen gas burns, it can bring very little invisible water vapor, which have no harm to medicine in ampoule bottle. However, when liquefied gas burns, there is Co2, Co and NOx which may influence the medicine quality in the bottle.
4. High efficiency The speed to seal ampoule bottle by Oxy-hydrogen is faster than that by liquefied gas.

E.g Okay Energy OH300 oxyhydrogen generator for glass ampoule bottles sealing:the full machine set will be oxy-hydrogen generator +double flame torch + tweezers.
If you want to know more about oxyhydrogen ampoule bottles sealing,we will continue to share you next article.