• AC Voltage Requirement(V): 220/110
  • Phase: single
  • Power Consumption(kw/h): 1
  • Max. Gas Output(L/h): 300
  • Max. Working Pressure(kg/cm2): 2
  • Max. Water Consumption(L/h): 0.17

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  • OH300 hho gas generator
  • oh300 oxygen hydrogen gas generator
  • laboratory ampoule melting sealing machine
Technical Parameters of  Oxyhydrogen Generator:
Technical Parameters of Oxyhydrogen Generator(portable hho hydrogen gas generator, lab manual ampoule sealing machine):

Model Number OH300
AC Voltage Requirement(V) 220/110
Phase single
Power Consumption(kw/h) 1
Max. Gas Output(L/h) 300
Max. Working Pressure(kg/cm2) 2
Max. Water Consumption(L/h) 0.17
Water Feed manual
Flame Modifier Feed manual
Dimensions-L*W*H (mm)


Gross Weight(kg) 24
Ventilation Space Requirement(mm) 200 in each direction

Product Details:
 OH300 Okay Energy oxy hydrogen generator(lab manual ampoule sealing machine)
It's idea machine suitable for big hospital ,laboratory and pharmaceutical factory produce the ampoule by themself. 

What is lab manual ampoule sealing machine hho hydrogen gas generator?

Oxy-hydrogen generator(hho gas generator) is able to separate clean soft water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen gases, using a small amount of electric power through a special process. These gases are then mixed and delivered for use in a wide variety of applications, such as heating, brazing welding, sealing, etc. which currently use LPG or other gas for fuel. 
ampoule filling and sealing machine's features:clean flame,high effiency,environmental friendly,safety and convinient for operation.
oxyhydrogen generator ampoule sealing machine

How to melt or seal ampoule glass bottles?
pls click or copy the link on youtube:videos on laboratory ampoule melting and sealing


OH300 hho hydrogen gas generator's more applications:
used for gold and silver jewelry welding,musical instrument welding,copper pipe welding,acrylic polishing,glass tube ampoule sealing etc

Okay Energy More Portable and Industrial Models:

Do you want to know more OH300 oxyhydrogen flame for glass tube ampoule sealing? Read more the following.


  • more about OH300
    • What are unique advantages of OH300 oxyhydrogen flame ampoule sealing machine?

      Compared with Traditional Liquid gas Ampoule Sealing Machine technology, Oxyhydrogen Flame Ampoule Sealing Machine has the following advantages:

      Oxyhydrogen Flame Ampoule Sealing Machine just uses water and electricity, no gas bottle, no hydrogen gas storage, no leakage and explosive danger.

      Oxyhydrogen Flame Ampoule Sealing Machine can work just with water and electricity, every litre water can be used for 7~8 hours. But liquid gas bottle needs to be moved by man to change it, so it is very inconvenient.

      3. Clean flame
      Oxyhydrogen combustion just produces little water vapour, so there is no harm to the pharmaceuticals. But liquid gas combustion produces carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen compounds which will impact on the quality of pharmaceuticals.

      4.High Efficiency
      The speed of Oxyhydrogen Flame ampoule sealing method is higher than Liquid gas’s.

      OH300 oxyhydrogen flame ampoule sealing machine's operation steps:

      1) To install the Oxyhydrogen Generator Flame Ampoule Sealing according to the operating instruction, then connect the pipeline, adjust position up and down and start to work.

      2) To open the Power Supply switch of Oxyhydrogen Generator Flame Ampoule Sealing, start to produce gas, when the air pressure rises to 0.1Mpa, you can open the torch valves to transport gas.

      3) To use Lighter ignition to formed Oxyhydrogen Flame, can adjust flame size further through valves adjustment.
      Remark: When firing, please don’t let any part of the body be in front of the torch mouth. When lighter firing, body should be in the side of the torch to avoid firing your hands.

      4) To use the tweezer to nip ampoule, the tautness of nipping should guarantee the ampoule not only won’t come off, but also can rotate it with hand.

      5) To put the ampoule nipped by tweezer in Oxyhydrogen Flame to heat and rotate it at the same time. When heating finished, pull up the tweezer, the process of sealing will be accomplished immediately.



  • Advantages 
    • Advantages of hho gas generator,portable hydrogen generator

      1. Maximum Safety 

      a. Steady, reliable fuel delivery. Fuel is available immediately after machine is switched on. No volatile fuel tanks which can rupture or explode.

      b. Multiple safety devices, including overheating and in-sufficient water cut-off switches, will automatically turn off power to ensure the safety of both equipment and user.

      2. Environmentally Friendly 

      a. The Fuel generated by our machines burns completely without creating pollutants, toxic fumes, or public nuisance.

      b. Does not generate hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide.

      3. High Mobility

      a. Our generators come equipped with wheels to facilitate moving the generators to the job, not the other way around.

      b. Our generator immediately generates fuel as needed, eliminating the need for dangerous awkward gas tanks.

      c. Fuel can be used for long periods of time without overheating peripheral equipment

      4. High Temperature & Calorific value

      a. Calorific value is 34000Kcal/kg

      b.The flame temperature is over 2800°,it can melt refractory metals and none-metals 

      5. Low Cost & Maximum Economy

      a. Fuel is generated using only electricity and clean soft water.

      b. Both economical and practical when compared to the currently used LPG, Propane, or acetylene.

      6. Low Heat Dispersal 

      Use of this fuel provide a more focused heat source with less heat loss, maintaining a more comfortable, safer, lower fatigue working environment.
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