OH200 hho generator oxyhydrogen gas investment casting wax precise wax casting machine
Oxyhydrogen Welding Polishing Sealing
The oxyhydrogen flame is directed onto the wax used in investment casting. The heat from the flame melts the wax, allowing it to flow and fill the mold cavities. The operator controls the intensity and direction of the flame to ensure precise melting and
  • OH200
  • 220/110
  • single
  • 0.7
  • 200
  • 0.14
Oxyhydrogen Flame Wax Investment Casting Machine

The oxyhydrogen generator utilizes the process of electrolysis to produce an oxyhydrogen (HHO) gas mixture. When an electric current is passed through the water, hydrogen gas (H2) is released at the cathode, and oxygen gas (O2) is released at the anode. These gases are then mixed to form oxyhydrogen gas.
The mixed gas is ignited within the combustion unit using a spark or a pilot flame. The combustion of oxyhydrogen gas produces a clean and intense flame, known as the oxyhydrogen flame.
Oxyhydrogen flame investment casting wax machines are favored for their clean and efficient combustion, which results in a precise and controlled wax melting process. The use of oxyhydrogen gas eliminates the need for traditional fuel sources such as natural gas or propane, reducing emissions and ensuring a cleaner working environment.

Technical Parameters:
Model OH200                                    
AC Voltage Requirement(V) 220/110
Phase single
Power Consumption(kw/h) 0.7
Max. Gas Output(L/h) 200
Max. Working Pressure(Mpa) 0.14
Max. Water Consumption(L/h) 0.11
Water Feed manual
Flame Modifier Feed manual
Dimensions-L*W*H (mm) 450*246*470
Gross Weight(kg) 20
Ventilation Space Requirement(mm) 200 in each direction
Oxyhydrogen flame investment casting wax machines offer several advantages in the investment casting process. Here are some of the commonly mentioned benefits:

1. Clean and efficient combustion
Oxyhydrogen gas, when burned, produces a clean flame with no harmful byproducts or soot. This clean combustion eliminates the risk of contaminating the wax or the investment casting process with impurities, ensuring high-quality castings.
2. Precise temperature control
Oxyhydrogen flames can reach high temperatures, allowing for precise and controlled wax melting. The operator can adjust the flame intensity to achieve the desired temperature, ensuring accurate control over the wax flow and preventing overheating or underheating of the wax.
3. Improved wax flow control
The intense heat of the oxyhydrogen flame enables efficient and consistent melting of the wax. This results in a smooth and controlled flow of the molten wax into the mold cavities, enhancing the accuracy and quality of the castings.

4. Environmentally friendly
Oxyhydrogen gas is produced through the process of electrolysis, which uses water as the raw material. Unlike traditional fuel sources such as natural gas or propane, oxyhydrogen gas combustion does not produce harmful emissions or contribute to air pollution. It offers a more environmentally friendly alternative for the investment casting process.
5. Reduced operating costs
Oxyhydrogen flame investment casting wax machines can be cost-effective in the long run. Since the fuel source is water, the cost of producing oxyhydrogen gas is relatively low compared to using traditional fuels. Additionally, the clean combustion of oxyhydrogen gas reduces maintenance requirements and extends the lifespan of the equipment.

6. Enhanced safety
Oxyhydrogen flame machines eliminate the need for storing and handling potentially hazardous fuels such as natural gas or propane. The use of oxyhydrogen gas reduces the risk of leaks, explosions, or accidents associated with traditional fuel sources, improving overall safety in the workplace.
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