Best way to musical instruments welding - oxyhydrogen generator for welding
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Oxyhydrogen For Musical Instruments Welding Instead Of Oxygen Acetylene Welding
Traditional musical instrument welding adopt oxygen acetylene welding.As per musical instruments welding’s feature,Okay Energy develop the small portable and large industrial oxyhydrogen generator.Oxy-hydrogen generator mainly electrolyzes water to oxyhydrogen gases,which can flow into the oxyhydrogen torch.When burn the gases, the oxy-hydrogen flame temperature is up to 2800℃.The oxyhydrogen flame can weld precisely and sold the musical instruments rapidly.And the oxyhydrogen gas welding speed as well as precision is faster and higher than adopting by oxygen acetylene welding.
Oxyhydrogen generator for musical instruments welding instead of oxygen acetylene welding.As the oxyacetylene welding has the following disadvantages:
1.acetylene as a flammable gas, we need to be very careful when use it.
2.acetylene is a poisonous gas that can cause death.
3.acetylene combustion produces toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide, which is harmful to the health of the workers and is not friendly to the environment.

Compared with oxyacetylene welding,oxyhydrogen flame welding featured as following:
1.Convenience. Water and electric as a source generate oxygen and hydrogen gases.No longer need any cylinder.the oxyhydrogen torch get gases only 10seconds when you turn on the machine power switch.And the oxyhydrogen generator can supply continuously 24hours.
2.Safety. the gases stop to produce immediately when you turn off.And the gases production is as you want.The torch and gas pipe have build-in anti-backfire device.
3.Low cost. The pure concentrated oxyhydrogen flame’s temperature is up to 2800℃.The oxy hydrogen welding fast improve up 20%.It consumes only water and some electric,so the welding cost save more than 50% and 30% each compared with acetylene and propane.
4.Eco-friendly. Water as a source for oxyhydrogen welding,it also generates water after combustion.It is zero carbon emissions process.

When oxyhydrogen for welding,Okay Energy recommend you portable type OH300,OH400 or OH600 with one torch. For several workers and much gases production required,we suggest you larger industrial models OH1500,OH3000,OH5500 or OH7500. For the different types of musical instruments as well as the different welding parts,the welding requirement is not the same. Please indicate the size of welding parts so that we estimate your requirement of gases production for oxy hydrogen welding and provide you suitable models.