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The Unique Control Panel Design For Carbon Cleaning Machine
For the past several years,Okay Energy have great creative and innovative machine design in CCS1500 carbon cleaning machine.Today,let me mainly introduce the unique design on the machines’ control panel.
Before 2012,Okay Energy car engine carbon cleaning machine(engine decarbonization) design many buttons on the machine,which indicate different functions for operation.This gave us a sense of the complexity of machine operation.More,there is high possibility to replacing of the button parts as we should operate machine everyday.
To improve the machine performance,we update and design control panel by the graphical system(GUI system) in 2013. The control panel display all the working status and the operations performed by TFT screen.There are four areas,ie logo area and product serial ID,work status area,operation tip area and control button area,which visually tell us about the work performance of machine and how to do next step.It makes the complex operations more easy.

With the fast growth in smart phones,Okay Energy develop and design touch screen control panel for customers needs and successfully launch to market in 2015.The big difference is touch screen for operation instead of TFT screen,which make it more easier for operation.It is very clear that the machine operate how many times for carbon cleaning and tell us the total working time.

Maybe in the future,we will be able to remotely control the carbon clean machine for unbelievable machine management and service.With the creativity and innovation oxy hydrogen technology,Okay Energy will continue to change and improve to meet market needs.We will do what you want and think what you think about.