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Okay Energy HHO Water Jewellery Welding Machine -Jewellery Tools And Supplies
When people buy jewelry,they mainly care about its fineness and craftwork.Welding technology is one of important process in the jewelry welding.And jewelry welding machine will be applied for the jewelry parts connection,jewelry inlaid, jewelry repair etc.i.e HHO water jewellery welding machines is widely used in jewelry manufacturers,stores or repairs.Today we mainly introduce you HHO oxy-hydrogen jeweller welding machine in the gold jewelry welding.

HHO oxyhydrogen jeweller welding machine’s features:
1.Hydrogen and oxygen is in the proportion of 2:1 after water electrolysis,which is also same combustion rate of hydrogen in oxygen gas.Compared with other gas fuels,it is not required to add extra mixed oxygen gas when burning.

2.Oxyhydrogen gas is blue flame when burning.And there is no carbon dioxide emissions producing.Compared with oxygen acetylene, oxyhydrogen flame is concentrated,its burning fast, low flame temperature and the combustion heat value.

3.Water and some electric as fuels,it is low cost,eco-friendly energy saving devices,and safety and convenient for operation.

How to operate the HHO jewellery welder machine?
As usual,the left hands the HHO torch and the right hand hold the forceps. Because the right hand is more flexible, it can better pick up the smaller material, and adjust the position of the components to be welded. The flame temperature of different materials is different, and it is necessary to adjust the flame continuously to ensure the welding part not to be deformed or melted.

Okay Energy professionally manufacture and supply HHO water jewellery welding machines.If you are looking for jewellery tools and supplier,HHO welding machines will be your first consideration.