Onsite sheet metal cutting operation using oxy-hydrogen gas cutting system
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Onsite Operation For Customers:Sheet Metal Cutting Using Oxy-Hydrogen Gas Cutting System
 The use of Oxy-hydrogen fuels is not new to the welding and cutting industry.In the past Hydrogen was the fuel of choice for underwater cutting and special welding applications like welding aluminum or lead.Currently we still use Oxy/hydrogen when we need a clean flame for laboratory glass, polishing plexiglass, and melting precious metal.After taking a look at the whole sheet metal cutting onsite operation using oxy/hydrogen gas cutting system,you will know how does it work.
These are from the onsite cutting operation for our customers:The visible effect we can see is concentrated oxyhydrogen flame,fast cutting and more smooth cutting edge surface which reducing or eliminating the need for secondary processing.
Are you interested in the oxyhydrogen cutting operation video? we have more onsite oxyhydrogen cutting videos for you.

The full set of cutting system consist of a hho gas generator and a flame cutting machine.HHO gas is a free alternative ful gas to LPG, Acetylene or LNG.
Okay Energy oxy-hydrogen gas cutting system OH3000,OH5500,OH7500,OH10000 widely applied for sheet metal cutting.As the combustion rate of Hydrogen gas is faster than that of other fuel gases, the Hydrogen flame is narrower and more concentrated.The hho free energy generator can provide higher heat transfer rate, higher piercing speed and faster cutting therefore replacement of other fuel gases.