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Oxyhydrogen Gas Welding and Cutting Equipment Supplies -Okay Energy
Okay Energy is the first oxyhydrogen gas welding and cutting equipment supplier and manufacturers in beautiful city Changsha of China mainland.For the past 10years experience,we designed and developed OH series hho hydrogen gas welding and cutting machines to better meet customers needs.
Gas Welding Equipments
We supply a wide range of portable and industrial hydrogen gas welding machine.For welding work,we have wide successful cases in the fields of jewelry,electronics,medical,musical instruments,copper brazing and welding etc.The new hho technology free energy generator makes welding high frequency,low cost investment,nontoxic and safety for workers or technicians.
Small portable for carry outdoors
Okay Energy SOH100
Okay Energy OH100
Okay Energy OH200
Okay Energy OH300
Okay Energy OH400
Okay Energy OH600
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Gas Cutting Equipments
For plate steel or sheet metal cutting,Okay Energy oxyhydrogen gas generator provide high quality and clean fuel gas for flame cutting.Compared to any other oxyfuel gas cutting, such as an acetylene gas or a propane gas, oxy-hydrogen gas gives top performance at lower cost with similar piercing and cut speeds.Hydrogen is the safest and green fuel gases.And our hydrogen gas generators get rid of gas cylinders therefore easy installation.
Industrial oxygen and hydrogen oxyfuel cutting
Okay Energy OH3000
Okay Energy OH5500
Okay Energy OH7500
Okay Energy OH10000
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