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The Best Effect of Carbon Build Up Out of Engine
Texas, USA
Although the industry has appeared a few cars oxy-hydrogen carbon removing machine, but most of the technology is immature, even it is not true. Oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine for car engine which produced by OKAY ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD holds national patent protection and advanced product technology.If you don’t believe it, you can check our patents. We promise to provide you the best effect carbon build up out of engine which efficient, energy saving and environmental friendly, giving back a clean environment.
After using oxy-hydrogen car engine cleaning machine which produced in OKAY ENERGY EQUIPMENT, we collect and analysis the relevant data, and submit it to relevant national inspection agency. It shows as the following:
a. Engine exhaust HC emissions decrease more than 65%
b. Engine exhaust CO emissions decrease more than 70%
c. Rate of fuel saving 2%~15%
OKAY ENERGY’s oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine provide you the best car engine cleaning machine, its reliability and quality have been recognized by many users.