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The Comparison of Okay Energy Hho Hydrogen Generator Unique Technology with Others
 Compared with others,Okay Energy hho hydrogen generator featured these unique technology:power supply,electrolysis cell,flashback arrestor,air pressure and heat dissipation effect.
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Power supply

IGBT frequency conversion technology 
is highefficiency to exchange current 
turn to direct current.

Silicon controlled rectifier technology is low efficiency 
to exchange current turn to direct current.

Electrolysis cell

Integration formed electrolysis cell, no 
any gas and liquid leakage.

Adopts in Series, piece together way, there is one 
seal ring between each polar plate to prevent gas 
and liquid from leakage.Each electrolysis cell have 
dozens of sealing rings, the cell cannot work as long
as there is one seal occur leakage.

Flashback arrestor

Adopt patented wet type flashback 
arrestor device, build in automatical 
pressure leakage and recover 
device, no need reset by manual.
Flashback arrestoris definitely 
reliable and never lost efficiency.

Adopt dry-type arrestor to prevent flashback, every 
flashback needs to reset by manual.After several 
flashback, the damaged rubber gasket in  arrestor
will lead to flashback arrestor lost efficiency.

Air pressure stability

Build in pressure stabilizing device, 
have a smart sensor device to detect
the user's gas demand for realizing 
the automatical adjustment of gas 
output and ensuring gas output is 
equal to the user's gas consumption,
so as to ensure the stability of the gas 
output pressure to maintain the stability
of the fire.This feature is particularly important for automated assembly
line operations.

When the user's gas consumption is less than 
the gas production of the machine, it will cause 
the internal over-oltage protection automatically
shut down. When the internal pressure drops,
it automatically turn on. During automatically 
shuting down and then automatically turning
on,the pressure fluctuations will lead to flame
instability which may cause the inconsistency 
of the product processing.

Heat dissipatioin effect

Unique duct design and larger
space for heat dissipation to
meet the needs of the work for 
24 hours under high temperature
of 40 degrees in summer.

The internal device is installed close, less 
space for heat dissipation, bad cooling in
summer. It will result in: 1) thermal protection
automatically shut down 2) gas is with water
so that it will reduce the flame temperature, 
affect product quality.