How to strip the enamel off magnet copper wire- oxyhydrogen flame welding
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How to strip enamel off magnet copper wire - oxyhydrogen flame welding
How to strip the enamel off magnet wire without damaging the wire? Is there any new technology to weld enamelled magnet copper wire not to strip?

The existing enamel stripping and welding technology have following disadvantages on the production efficiency,safety,energy saving,welding quality.
1.Chemical enamel wire stripping is to wash and dissolve the wires so it is danger and corroded. Even if enamel wire stripping machine is to automatic strip off, it is still time consuming and production efficiency reduction of electric motors.
2.The existing welding process is adopt mixing gas cylinder (such as liquefied gas, propane gas, acetylene gas) and oxygen cylinder which belongs to hydrocarbon flame.The welding quality is not fasten and leading to poor insulation.
3.The price of fuel gas and oxygen gas is keep increasing, at the same time the filling weight is not enough, hard to control the gas cost.
4.Gas cylinders and oxygen cylinders are all pressure vessels, the consequence will be unthinkable once the gas was exploded.

traditional magnet copper wire stripping machine
Okay Energy oxyhydrogen flame welding is 100% safe and efficient enamelled copper wire welding machine to replace the enamel wire stripping machines and oxy-acetylene welding machines.
Oxyhydrogen flame welding machine is also called water welding machine, oxyhydrogen machine or oxyhydrogen welding machine. It uses the principle of water electrolysis to change the water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas, igniting this mixing gas by customized torch to form the oxyhydrogen flame. It can strip the enamelled wire quick and automatically, and the solder joints is smooth and full.
enamelled copper wire oxyhydrogen flame welding
How to remove enamel coating from magnet wire using oxyhydrogen flame?