HHO Carbon Cleaning Test on ISUZU
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HHO Carbon Cleaning Test on ISUZU
After extensive testing over the past weeks we are pleased to be able to add HHO Carbon Cleaning to our services.
What is HHO Carbon Cleaning?
We pump hydrogen and oxygen gas into your engine through the intake (zero chemicals), once in the combustion chamber it burns at a higher temperature and a faster rate than normal fuel, this process removes carbon build up.
The process helps to clean the combustion chambers, pistons, exhaust valves/inlets, exhaust manifold, turbo and catalitic converter.
The process takes around 40 minutes to an hour depending on engine size and will help to restore lost performance, mpg, smooth running of the engine whilst in many cases vastly reducing exhaust emissions.
Here is an example of the effect of good HHO Carbon Cleaning can have on an engine.
Today our friends at 123 Car & Commercial had a 2008 ISUZU in for MOT, being a ten years old car and never having had HHO carbon cleaning before it failed the initial emissions test, as a result they took an average over six tests as allowed by VOSA to aid getting the car through the emissions test, even this did not work with an initial score of 2.21 and an average result of 1.27, above the required standard of 1.00 for this vehicle. After a 45 minute HHO carbon clean the car passed it's initial test with a reading of 0.85 and no further tests were required. A massive drop in emissions and a healthier running engine.