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best hydroxy technology save fuel to 40% hho generator kits
 Okay Energy HKC series hho generator kits for cars,trucks,buses is different from DIY hho dry cell kit sold on ebay or amazon etc online shopping.As one of hho specialists,okay energy own best hydroxy technology fuel saving up to 40% with reliable quality.

There are hundreds of hho hydrogen generator dry cell kit on these online shopping store which mark price from USD70~200 and more.Maybe it likes this kind of one hho dry cell kit.Some customers told us it does't work.

As a 10years experience of hho generator supplier,we explain that what is the difference our HKC series hho kits with other ones on market.

Okay Enegy HKC series hho car kits different features:
1)easy setup;In our hho system,the three parts included water tank,electrolysis cell and gas filter without setup.
2)power supply-high effeciency
3)electrolysis cell-integrated cell,no gas or liquid leakage.
4)safety-anti-fire flashback arrestor.

HKC series hho kits tested by japanese authority laboratory shows that fuel saving 18%-40% for diesel,gasoline,LPG engines.It is a kind of hydro fuel saver kits on cars,trucks,ships etc for complete engine combustion and finally engine power increased,fuel economy rising up and carbon emissions reduced.