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What unique features of HKC series hho kit hydrogen generator
 Why okayenergy HKC series hho car kits can save fuel to 40%? Let us explain that what unique features of HKC100,HKC200 hho kit hydrogen generator for cars.In our hho generator,three necessary parts including water tank,electrolysis cell,and gas filter provide enough high quality hho gas.The Okay Energy hho generator's lifetime is 5-8years.The part of hho system is no need to setup compared with DIY hho dry cell kits.

The second unique part is the power switch to control of the hho gas production. Therefore,the power switch should be installed the cars,taxi's front seat.As the power switch connected with car battery,the hho gas is produced or not based on the switch power on or off.

How to connect the power switch and hho gas pipe?
What you install is to connect power switch's red wire and black wire with car battery.And then adding the hho gas pipe to hho generator's gas filter.As hho gas pipe should insert into the car engine's air intake,where you should make hole.Okay Energy tell you how to install these two steps,please see the video about HKC100 hho kit works on car.





Okay Energy HKC series unique features are:
2.easy installation
3.5-8years lifetime