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June Traveling to Colorful Yunnan
Have you ever been to Yunan? After the busy work recently,we have a expecting 5-day travel to colorful Yunnan on June 3rd. We have been to the three main scenic sports of Yunnan:Kuming,Dali,Lijiang.

We went to Yiliang Jiuxiang scenic spot in the first day. It is a comprehensive scenic spot in Kuming which is mainly composed of cave landscape, natural scenery, human landscape and national customs.

The second scenic spot is in Dali-Erhai Lake and Dali Ancient City.

We took boat to Erhai Lake in the morning. Dali Erhai Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in China, and it is the second largest freshwater lake in Yunnan Province.Erhai Lake is in the shape of an ear, hence its name Erhai (‘Ear Sea’). Erhai Lake and the Cangshan Mountains make majestic scenery. The mountain peaks are often mirrored in the lake, along with the sun and moon.

We went to Dali Ancient City in the afternoon to experience the local snacks, ethnic customs and culture. Then we took jeep to take photos around the Erhai Lake.

We took bus to Lijiang’s Yulong Snow Mountain in the third day. It has a north-south trend, a steep fan, and an altitude of 5596 meters. Like a vigorous jade dragon lying on the top of the mountain, it has the potential to jump into the jinsha river, so it is called Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.In the evening, we watched the performance of local ethnic minorities. After wonderful show,we toured the beautiful Old Town of Lijiang.

The last scenic spot is The Shuhe Ancient Town for shopping and eating in the fourth day.On the last day, I went back to Changsha by plane and tasted the special Yunnan snack Cross Bridge Rice Noodle.

Thanks to the company for organizing this trip to Yunnan, let us enjoy a pleasant and relaxed life after busy work.