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New Lauch of SCW3004 multifunctional steam washing machine

What is new of SCW3004 Multifunctional Steam Car Washing Machine?

Multi-function Steam Wash Machine adopts the “instantaneous vaporization” instant heating technology to achieve high efficiency continuous high temperature steam washing.It is specially designed for fast cleaning of heavy oil and stubborn stains.We upgraded our Steam Washing Machine recently, the latest machine is multi-function with 3 cleaning ways in one machine:

  • Steam cleaning: with wet and dry steam, 5 different degrees of steam.
  • Liquid cleaning: with two liquid tanks, fogging function
  • High pressure water cleaning

Unique Machine Features of SCW3004

We introduce the three main features of the machine by washing car engine,car body and car tire in the live show.After press "start" for 3 seconds,the machine is power on.Then press "steam",it will produce up to 200 celsius degree steam temperature.The dry and wet steam is adjustable from 1 to 5 gear.Using high temperature and high-pressure steam for washing, killing bacteria and bad smelling,it can be used for car interior and exterior washing,heavy oil stains cleaning.The unique features are as follow:

  • The 220~240V two phase steam washing machine is shaped with small portable and light weight,which is suible for van mobile door to door service.
  • The wireless remote controller can control the functions of water washing,steam washing, liquid adding and air atomization within a few meters. It is convenient to change alternative different cleaning ways of steam washing and high-pressure water washing.
  • There are two cleaning guns of SG-A(multi-brush steam clean gun) and HG-B(high pressure water gun).The SG-A gun connect with steam outlet,cleaning liquid outlet,air outlet for steam washing,liquid cleaning,and air atomization injecting.The SG-A gun with replaceable 4 multiple brushes can meet the needs of different industrials.The HG-B gun connect with high pressure water outlet for water flushing.
  • The machine is built-in no-boiler instant heating technology to ensure continuous and high efficient work for a long time.We have about 40 minutes of live show to display the car steam washing process.The heat dissipation of the machine's main body and steam cleaning pipe is normal and not hot.
  • It is a kind of water saving,energy saving and environment protection equipment.The ten bottles of mineral water can wash a car and the power consumption is 3KW