The Tips Of How To Use or Maintain 200-600l Oxyhydrogen Generator 220/110V
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The Tips Of How To Use OH200-OH600 Oxyhydrogen Generator

How to use OH200-OH600 220/110V oxyhydrogen generator?

After we receive the machine,we can get a power cord,a flame torch,an accessory box.In the box,there are gas tube and flame arrestor.We choose a stainless steel bucket to dispose the electrolyte.Firstly,we pour the corresponding pure water into the bucket.Then we pour the potassium hydroxide to prevent the electrolyte from splashing and stir it well.Our electrolyte is strongly alkaline.It should be noted that we should wear gloves to protect ourself. After the electrolyte is prepared,there will be a heating process.We can use it after the electrolyte is cooled.

Now we add the electrolyte into our machine.Open the water cap and use a funnel to add electrolyte liquid.Gently shake the machine to let the liquid flow down.We add it to the 60% of water level.

Next let's connect the gas tube. We usually have four gas tubes.We use two gas tubes firstly.One of gas tube is connected with gas outlet,and another one is connected with the flame arrestor.This flame arrester is used to prevent backfire. It is connected to the middle of the pipe. We can see that there is an arrow on it, and the direction of the arrow is the direction of the flame gun.After we have installed the flame arrester, the other end of gas pipe is to connect the flame torch.Our flame torch is equipped with a flame arrester. This position is the flame arrester.There are four nozzles ABCD, which are 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm and 0.6mm diameter.This is the wrench for screwing the nozzle. We took out the flame nozzle.After we installed the torch, the next step is to connect the pipe with the torch. You can use hot water to soften the pipe before installing it. This pipe must be installed in the innermost part of this joint.

After we connect the power cord,turn on the power switch.We can see the gas production on the screen now.When the machine is short of water,it will alarm.You should add pure water at this time.

When the pressure gauge reaches 0.1Mp after the machine is power on,we start to ignite.

There are some tips for ignition to pay attention to.First, we should turn up the airflow.We can obviously hear the sound of airflow.After feeling it with our hands,we start to ignite.When we stop the machine,we should quickly close the valve of the flame torch.Then turn off the power switch,and open the valve to exhaust the excess gas.We can close the valve until the pressure gauge returns to zero.

how to use and install oxyhydrogen generator

How to maintain 200-600L hho generator 110/220V?

Our machine need to maintain in order to improve the service life and gas production efficiency.Firstly, we should clean the electrolytic cell.After pouring out the electrolyte liquid from the water inlet,we clean the electrolytic cell until clean water flows out.The secondly is to replacethe new electrolyte.We need to make the new electrolyte. The making method is the same as when we receive the new machine.The thirdly is to clean the main machine,especially the cooling grid and cooling fan.

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