Scientific quartz glass tube pull and plug sealing methods via oxyhydrogen generator
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How to do scientific quartz glass tube sealing via oxyhydrogen generator
There are two sealing methods available both pull sealing and plug sealing.The pull sealing is necking a silica glass tube and the plug sealing is fusing the glass rod with the inner glass tube.The pull glass sealing requires more strong oxyhydrogen flame and higher hho gas production compared with the plug sealing.
Quartz glass tube sealing machine,also know as oxyhydrogen flame melting and sealing machine,is through the water electrolysis technology.It produces hydrogen and oxygen gas,forming oxyhydrogen flame,to melt and seal quartz tube fastly and efficiently.
The quartz scientific glass vacuum sealing machine is a kind of tube holding device,which have single,double,threee stations selection.Okay Energy quartz tube vacuum sealing system is used for vacuum sealing samples under oxygen-free and water-free conditions by dynamic sealing technology.The whole system includes oxyhydrogen generator,oxyhydrogen anti-backfire device,quartz vacuum sealing device,vacuum pump(mechanical pump or molecular pump set), and glass clamps,etc.The stanardized and customized precision quartz glass joint/clamp can accurately match with the quartz tube,to ensure the sealing ability of the quartz tube.

oxyhydrogen generator scientific quartz glass tube pull plug sealing
If the glass tube size is larger than OD50mm,we suggest you choose heavy duty glass blowing lathe machine,which also consists of glass blowing lathe and oxyhydroge generator.The quartz tube can be sealed within OD110mm.
oxyhydrogen vacuum glass processing lathe machine